Power of Fortitude™ delivers training and development solutions globally to small and large companies to assist them in meeting their organizational objectives. The purpose of our program is to aid in the enrichment of the individual’s natural and learned skills, thereby achieving a more productive, blending, and a united workplace.

With close to a decade of experience, Power of Fortitude™ has established itself as a true leader in training, development and executive coaching solutions.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, mindful, collaborative solutions that fosters individual growth and creativity for the purpose of improved business outcomes for our clients.


The legacy “one size fits all” mentality for process improvements are no longer effective in today’s competitive business environments. Many organizations are challenged with employee disengagement, low performance, and frequent conflicts.  

Organizational Development Solutions that enrich your professional value.

Organizational Development Solutions that enrich your professional value.


Create organizational environments that empower employees to partner with the leaders to meet the business objectives.

Power of Fortitude provides motivated organizations with the strategies to foster high performance, engagement, and commitment with their most valuable assets; their employees.  


Our Delivery

We focus on training our clients on the benefits of learning more about their Personality Types and Character Strength by offering courses, consulting and coaching sessions that are focused on how individuals naturally interact with others.  Once you take the assessment(s), you’ll be ready to learn different methods to increase your professional competencies.