Personality Based Selling (MBTI®)

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Personality Based Selling (MBTI®)


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Salespersons including Customer Services Representatives, Sales Managers, Business Consultants, and Team Leaders.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sales are made when needs are met.  Knowing both your customer’s product/service and personal-approach needs is essential to closing the sale.  Often the salesperson’s personal- approach negates or stalls the sales.  Therefore, understanding and predicting the different personal-approach needs of your customers will increase your sales effectiveness.

This course will provide information and exercises to help you apply a type framework to sales interactions.  You will learn reliable and effective strategies with which to approach the people side of the selling process.

COURSE BENEFITS:  Participants will be able to:

Þ    Understand how customers are different

Þ    Hear the customer’s needs and talk their “language.”

Þ    Build the necessary relationships for action

Þ    Maintain loyalty and long-term customers

LENGTH:  1 day


Introduction to Personality Traits Basics(MBTI®)

SUPPORT MATERIALS:  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Interpretive Report, Introduction to Type® and Selling

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