Personality & Conflict Resolution (MBTI®)


Personality & Conflict Resolution (MBTI®)


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Individuals who would like to discover a better way to guide their personality preferences in conflict situations.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: It is estimated that approximately one third of a manager and supervisor’s time is spent dealing with some kind of conflict, either directly or as a third party helping others resolve their differences. This program is designed on the assumption that conflict is neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong, but neutral.

Participants will learn to overcome discomfort with handling conflict, and accept conflict as a normal occurrence.  They will view conflict as an opportunity for new ideas and solutions to emerge.  Finally, participants will assess their own primary conflict style and increase their understanding of how their style impacts their effectiveness in resolving issues. This workshop is highly interactive. 

COURSE BENEFITS:   Participants will be able to:

Þ    Learn and appreciate their own natural conflict management style and the style of others

Þ    Acquire new strategies for approaching, navigating through, and resolving conflict

Þ    Identify the specific behavior traits that prevent them from confronting others

Þ    Enhance their understanding of effective listening and questioning methods

Þ    Identify personal styles and biases when dealing with differences

Þ    Turn differences into powerful allies for resolving conflicts

Þ    Effectively resolve issues

LENGTH:  1 day


Introduction to Personality Traits Basics(MBTI®)

SUPPORT MATERIALS:  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Conflict Style Report,   Introduction to Type® and Conflict Booklet

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Cancellation Policy:

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