Bridging the Gap to Create Successful Work Relationships


Bridging the Gap to Create Successful Work Relationships


Two-Day Interactive Workshop

Day 1:  Mastering Personality & Behavioral Styles

Personality Preference - Your results from the MBTI® instrument will help you become aware of your type concepts to capitalize on your strengths and develop strategies for dealing with tasks or situations that are challenging.  Participants will learn to understand the needs of other people and make balance decisions in both planned and unexpected situations.

Self-Management - Participants will learn to manage pressure, thrive under pressure, improve their relationships in business and settings, stop wasting time and energy on negative emotions, manage emotions and communicate intelligently, and increase flexibility, enthusiasm, and teamwork. 

Interpersonal Relations Learn tools that have helped individuals, teams, and organizations around the world grow and succeed by serving as a catalyst for positive behavioral change.  This relates to a person’s ability to understand and manage people and to act wisely in human relations, which is the key to career and life success. Improve your personal relationships and professional performance that will influence your communication style and behavior.

Day 2:  Relationships that Work

Communication Strategies within OrganizationsMaster the keys of excellent communication, which will include how to observe, listen, plan, analyze and become a more effective manager/executive.  We will teach participants to identify the different personality styles and to help in communications skills with various styles. 

Conflict Management - Enhance the positive aspects of conflict by learning group outcomes, including effectiveness or high performance in organizational setting, while limiting the negative aspects of conflict.  Discover how to keep un-managed conflicts, disagreements and out-of-control emotions from harming your important working and personal relationships.  

How Will You Benefit?

  • You'll develop strategies to align your own business goals and objectives with the contacts you already have.

  • Understanding your Personality Profile in order to create lasting business relationships.

  • Avoid mistakes and conflict that may result from misinterpreting others or ineffective listening.

  • Build your self-esteem as you discover a new self-awareness through your personality profile.

  • Develop an understanding of interpersonal and organizational conflicts, how to recognize and diagnose conflict, and learn to identify the specific behavior traits that prevent supervisors from confronting others.

  • Enhance your understanding of effective listening and questioning methods.

  • Learn to rid your life of unproductive behaviors, like procrastination, lack of organization and chronic lateness.

  • Identify and build on Self-Awareness Skills to put the power of self-discipline and healthy routines to work in your personal life.

  • Understand your own behaviors and the behavior of others, thus maximizing the impact of your actions, identifying options for increasing your job satisfaction and productivity, and explore alternative ways to achieve goals.

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